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Milgard Window and Doors: Moving Glass Wall System

Open up to an entirely new way to look at luxury. Introducing MILGARD® MOVING GLASS WALL SYSTEMS. This innovative solution blurs the line between inside and out of the question. Aspirational yet realistic, this moving wall seamlessly transitions between dreams and reality.

Typically, moving glass walls are only a custom option in high-end residential homes. That is until Milgard reframed the conversation. Now you can expand your interior and exterior living spaces through 12 standard sizes in 3- and 4-panel configurations.

Plus, enjoy the outstanding service, support and design you’ve come to expect from Milgard.


MILGARD® Moving Glass Wall Systems beautifully integrate with the other Milgard windows and patio doors in your home. Choose from several stock finishes including white, black anodized aluminum and wood clad (clear vertical grain Douglas Fir and Pine). The hardware is also available in the same finishes as you windows to provide a complete, unified look for your vision.


Our Moving Glass Wall System operates smoothly and effortlessly. Despite their larger-than-life size, these doors open and close with just the push of a finger. The secret is our tandem stainless steel ball bering rollers that are strong enough to carry door panels nearly double the size. It’s simply luxury that’s easy to use.


Trust in Milgard’s long tradition of excellence, which now translates to this newest offering. Enjoy the very best pairing of functionality and design. Our proven history as one of the most trusted names in windows and doors assure that a Milgard Moving Glass Wall System will be installed correctly and function properly. Our dedication will never leave you feeling exposed.

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